Healthcare Services

Local healthcare services consist of a medical clinic, part-time ambulance service, and a basic care facility to open in November 2023.

Coming Soon - New Basic Care Facility

The existing nursing home facility is currently be remodeled. It is targeted to be opened as a Basic Care Facility sometime in November, 2023.

West River Medical Clinic

NOTE: The clinic will be relocating to the previous nursing home facility on the east side of town. Part of the previous nursing home building is being remodeled as our new medical clinic. No completion date has been set yet.

Mott has a medical clinic staffed five days a week with doctors from West River Health Services in Hettinger, North Dakota. The clinic can be contacted at 701-824-2391.

Ambulance Service

Mott ambulance service is staffed by trained on-call medical professionals.

Hospital Service

We have two hospitals in the area. One is West River Health Services located in Hettinger, ND and the second one is Jacobson Memorial Hospital in Elgin, ND. Each facility can handle your immediate medical needs.

West River Health Services. West River Health Services is a nationally recognized rural health care organization.  A 14 physician, multi-specialty group practice, nine mid-levels and nine visiting specialists independently provide professional services in a modern rural health care system.

Jacobson Memorial Hospital. JMHCC provides comprehensive medical care with physician and mid-level medical providers and 15 consulting/visiting medical providers. JMHCC has a professional support staff of approximately 90 full and part-time employees.  It provides Jacobson Memorial Hospital in Elgin, North Dakotafor the health needs of patients either in the hospital, which has 21 licensed hospital beds used for acute care or swing beds. It also has a 25 bed nursing home and 2 Rural Health Care Clinics.  Patients are also served by the hospital's well-developed referral systems to nearby medical specialists.