City Hall

Our city office is located in the center of town next to the library.

Mott City Services

The City of Mott offers residents:

Our Address
202 E. 3rd St.
PO Box 116
Mott, ND 58646

Our Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
(closed for lunch Noon-1:00pm)
Friday: 7:30am - Noon

The City of Mott is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

Pay Water Bill Online

You can pay your water and utility bill online using your credit card.

Pay Water/Utility Bill

City Ordinances

Ordinances of the City of Mott

2022 City Ordinances

2023 City Council Meetings

To view any of the proceedings of the Mott City Council click a link below.

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  • December
2022 City Council Proceedings

Leadership & Committees

Mayor: Troy Mosbrucker

City Council Members: Eugene Steiner, Michelle Quamme, Corey Johnson, Jody Messmer, Mick Wangsvick, Kellen Messmer

City Superintendent: Brian Steinke

City Auditor: Pam Steinke

City Worker:

Zoning Committee: Mick Wangsvick, President; Kelly Messmer, Jody Messmer, Gene Steiner, Michelle Quamme, and Corey Johnson

Fire Chief: Brian Manolovits

Airport Authority: Owen Blickensderfer

President: Josh Herner

Vise President: Robbie Keller

Treasurer: Alex Aldinger

Secretary: Patsy Roth

Board Members: Allan Carroll, Austin Kautzman, Chelsea Laufer, Devan Laufer, and Donna Laufer

Superintendent: Glen Marthaller

President: Owen Blickensderfer
Airport Manager: Derek Mayer
Board Member: Jason Coldwell
Board Member: Lawrence Zentner
Board Member: Leo Brackel

Moore Engineering

City Departments

  • Water/Wastewater Department
  • Street Department

Taxation & Assessments

The City of Mott works with Hettinger County for their local taxation and assessments. If you need to know what your taxes are you can call the Hettinger County Treasurer's office at (701) 824-2655.