Cannonball Trail Project

The Cannonball trail is a friendly and enjoyable place to walk, either alone or with family and friends.

Walking Trail in Mott

Mott is a great city to call home. Come walk the banks of the scenic Cannonball River and experience nature. Whether you enjoy bird watching, hunting, fishing or just crave the peace and quiet, you'll not be disappointed with our community.

The Cannonball Trail is a 1.5-mile natural walking path alongside the Cannonball River that flows through Mott. It is an out-and-back trail with the potential for a 3-mile hike (with planned extensions). It begins south of the car wash at the junction of highways 8 and 21 and follows the river across the bridge into and through the length of west Mott. West Mott has lured nature lovers, bird watchers and exercise enthusiasts and a path now exists for closer connection to the river and the pleasure of towering trees, the harmony of bird song and the serenity of nature. There are several benches along the trail. The trail can be accessed at several parking locations or from the south end of Main Street. Look for Glute Hill for a bit more strenuous climb to overlook the Cannonball River.

Mott Visionaries

The Mott Visionaries are working hard to make the Cannonball trail a friendly and enjoyable place to walk, either alone or with family and friends. Our work is not done. We have plans to extend the trail.

If you are interested in helping and would like to donate time, talent, or money, please contact:

Mott Visionary Committee
Phone: 701-563-7213

If you would like to donate please send your donation to:
Mott Visionary Committee
307 Brown Ave.
Mott, ND 58646