Economic Development

We have vast open plains to expand and grow your business.

Mott Economic Development

We have unlimited potential for Economic Development. We are surrounded by the vast open plains that nearly swallowed Lewis and Clark two hundred years ago.

Mott's workforce and resources are beginning to be discovered by the industrial world. The Mott area boasts a workforce of hardworking, honest individuals. Most have college degrees. Manufacturing skills such as welding are common among young people that grow up on farms. Land for construction can be purchased for a reasonable price. Housing is inexpensive in our area (see Real Estate). One of the finest school systems in the world, public or private, awaits families who move here.

Consolidated is on the only locally owned communications provider serving southwest North Dakota since 1961.  We have local technicians in the communities we serve as well as 24/7 technical support.  Our headquarters is located in Dickinson and we employ over 100 dedicated full time employees.

Consolidated’s 10,000 mile extensive fiber infrastructure provides our customers with the fastest Internet, highest quality television and telephone services in the region.

Consolidated can also compliment your services with our Business Solutions.  They can install, integrate, and maintain your network.  Our hosted services afford small businesses with enterprise-level features.  For more information on Consolidated’s business services such as Security Cameras, Business Servers & Workstations, Managed Router & Wi-Fi Service, Network Security, and more, check out our website or contact our team at our Dickinson office, 701-483-4000.

One hundred years ago, German and Scandinavian immigrants came to the new world to start a new life for themselves from the stubborn sod. A few left, broken and defeated. With the sweat of their brow and toil of their hands, those who stayed thrived and prospered. An exemplary work ethic passed from generation to generation. Come and see for yourself.


For local opportunities contact Mott Opportunity Today and Tomorrow (M.O.T.T.) which is a 501C3 nonprofit charity dedicated to the betterment and Economic Development of Mott, ND. The goal of M.O.T.T. is to create jobs and stimulate economic activity in the Mott Area.

M.O.T.T. has contributed to the survival and future growth by sponsoring projects such as the swimming pool renovation, the Pioneer Park and many others. Funds funneled through the M.O.T.T. organization help businesses contribute to various endowments and trust funds. Donations to M.O.T.T. enhance our community. For more information, contact Ben Olien at 824-2243.

If you are thinking of starting a business or relocating an existing one, please see the Hettinger County Job Development Authority or the ND Department of Commerce for information.